HBFM 100 – NUMBER 100

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The Schoolboys – Old broom sweep clean (TOP DECK)
The Caspians – My sunshine (TOP DECK)
Fred Nelson – Lonely and blue boy (TOP DECK)
The Deacons – Man alone (TUNE ICO)
Jackie Opel – Turn to the almighty (TUNE ICO)
The Skatalites – The reburial (TOP DECK)
The Skatalites – China clipper (TOP DECK)
Roland Alphonso – Determination 5 (TOP DECK)
Johnny Moore – Red is danger (SOUNDECK)
Don Drummond – Marcus junior (TOP DECK)
Baba Brooks – Spit fire (TREASURE ISLE)
Baba Brooks – Shank I Shek (KING EDWARDS)


Niney The Observer – Bring the kutchie come (OBSERVER)
Max Romeo – Public enemy # 1 (CHARMAX)
The Morwells – Bit by bit (MORWELL ESQ)
Junior Murvin – Police and thieves (UPSETTER)
Gregory Isaacs – Paymaster (OBSERVER)
Paul Whiteman – I don’t want to lose you (SANTIC)
Jackie Mittoo – Disco Jack (PRESSURE SOUNDS)
Caroline Davis – Let me be there (TR)
The Heptones – Book of rules (HEP HEP)
Mikey Zap Pow – Cooyah (RAKKSA LALA)


Frankie Paul – Curfew the dance (ARRIVAL)
Sugar Minott – Good thing going (BLACK ROOTS)
King Everald – Automatic (FIREHOUSE)
Junior Reid – Foreign mind (YOUTH PROMOTION)
Freddie Mcgregor & Dennis Brown – Ragamuffin (MUSIC WORKS)
King Kong – Trouble again (JAMMYS)
Frankie Paul – Head to toe (JAMMYS)
Nitty Gritty – Sweet reggae music (JAMMYS)
Sluggy Ranks – Rough whine (WITTY)
John Holt – Carpenter (JAMMYS)


Sanchez – Leave out a babylon (DIGITAL B)
Garnett Silk – Kingly character (DIGITAL B)
Junior Tucker – Under my skin (STEELY & CLEEVIE)
Jack Radics – Unchained (STEELY & CLEEVIE)
Sizzla – Food of thought (STAR TRAIL)
Anthony B – Raid the barn (STAR TRAIL)
Capleton – Trinity (STAR TRAIL)
Morgan Heritage  & Shabba Ranks – Dem a bawl (DIGITAL B)