Better get ready, come do rock steady, ooh you got to do this new dance, hope you’re ready. You got to do it just like uncle Freddy, if you don’t know: just shake your head, rock your bodyline, shake your shoulders, ev’rything in time.
Alton Ellis introduce the theme for the podcast: ROCKSTEADY!
From the vaults of Treasure Isle to Techniques, have a listen (and a dance) to the sound that changed ska into reggae.

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Alton Ellis – Rocksteady (TREASURE ISLE)
Alton Ellis – Girl I have got a date (TREASURE ISLE)
Alton Ellis & Phyllis Dillon – Remember that sunday (TREASURE ISLE)
The Paragons – Yellow bird (TREASURE ISLE)
The Melodians – Get along without you now (TREASURE ISLE)
The Paragons – On the beach (TREASURE ISLE)
The Jamaicans – Bababoom (TREASURE ISLE)
The Melodians – Expo 67 (TREASURE ISLE)
The Melodians –  Come on little girl (TREASURE ISLE)
The Techniques – You don’t care (TREASURE ISLE)
Jimmy London – Till I kiss you (GIANT)
Errol Dunkley – Please stop your lying (JOE GIBBS)
The Pioneers – Long shot (JOE GIBBS)
The Maytals – Ain’t got no tip (BMN)
Eric Donaldson – Wonderful world (SIR JJ)
Eric “Monty” Morris – Say wht you’re saying (NEW BEAT)
Carlton & The Shoes – Love me forever (COXSONE)
Alton Ellis – Let him try (STUDIO ONE)
The Gaylads – Tell me that you love me (STUDIO ONE)
Leonard Dillon – Locust (STUDIO ONE)
The Ethiopians – Jericho (WIND)
The Ethiopians – Pirate (TECHNIQUES)
Slim Smith – My conversation (TECHNIQUES)
Dave & Ansel Collins – Double barrel (TECHINQUES)
Rico Rodriguez – Quando quando (TROJAN)