DJ Fabri – Another Wicked Selection October 1992 (Juggling)

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Cocoa Tea & Shaka Shamba – Tender loving
Norbert Clark – Winter world of love
Thriller U – Will you hold me
Junior Reid – All fuits ripe
Baby Wayne – Can’t live so
Ninjaman – Ninja
Simpleton – Coca Cola shape
Singing Sweet – When I see you smile
Echo Minott – One two bogle
Buju Banton – Bogle
Buju Banton – Big it up
Buju Banton – Gold spoon
Buju Banton – Stamina Daddy
Shabba Ranks – Ting a ling
Ninjaman – Ting a ling
Shaka Shamba – Mek the galang
Tweetie Bird – Fit repose
Simpleton – Eye nuh see
Poison Chang – Press up
Joseph Stepper – Pum pum shorts
Nigger Mickey – Again
Cutty Ranks – The system
Shabba Ranks – Rude boy
Shabba Ranks – Another one program
Buju Banton – Quick
Buju Banton – Boom bye bye
Maestro Goods – Zoom bye bye
Cobra – Flex
Neville Morrison – Crying
Jack Reuben & Riddler – Go round
Barry Boom & Cutty Ranks – Kissing you
Cutty Ranks – Roses are red
Penthouse All Stars – Celebration part 3
Cocoa Tea & Cutty Ranks – Gang war
Buju Banton – Bring your body come
General Levy – Breeze
Top Cat – Gallist

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